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Hello, I am a car enthusiast from Southern California. I have decided to extend my services as a purchase and export facilitator to Chinese car consumers. I know there are many companies importing and selling cars for a mark up of $10,000-$50,000. This is ridiculous and not fair to the purchaser or to the car manufacturers. Paying more than a car is worth is not good for anyone in the long term.
I am trying to find a partner in Beijing or Hong Kong that can receive the vehicles and deliver them to customer. I propose we charge a flat fee $5000 US for the acquisition of any vehicle regardless the price. The buyer must handle the cost of shipping the vehicle but we would handle the logistic of the shipping. I would handle the export here in Southern California and my partner will receive the vehicle and deliver it to the customer. I will locate and purchase the vehicles through a large network of dealer and enthusiasts I have built. Hopefully my partner can find buyers in China and be able to make the buyer comfortable with the process. The buyer must put up the money to purchase the vehicle they would like. This allows for greater negotiating power for us and saves us risk of buyer backing out. We are not acting as brokers or dealers simply agents of the buyer helping the transaction that is why our fees are much lower.
Please feel free to email me with any questions.
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